Advance Directives are useful tools, if not essential ones, for telling your loved ones and doctors how you want to be treated when you are near death.  You can specify when the directives take effect, and what sort of food, nutrition, and other services you want to have. Advance directives are part of every estate plan we put together for our clients, and you should be sure your plan includes them.

But, traditional advance directives are limited and … well, traditional.  We have begun to use the “Five Wishes” forms for our clients.  This form acts as both the Health Care Power of Attorney (which designates your health care Agent) and the Advance directive.  But, what makes the Five Wishes form unique is the last three wishes.  These describe how you want to be treated, cared for, and remembered.  Do you have a favorite saying or scripture verse?Do you want people to hold your hand?  You have a whole new way to communicate this to your family.

Our clients like this new form, and you might too.  Check it out at Five Wishes​ or come in to discuss it with us.