You know the rules have changed, and same sex couples have the same rights in marriage as other couples.  Perhaps you have been fortunate enough to get married in the past few days since the Fourth Circuit and Supreme Court decisions.  If so, congratulations!

Getting married is a big step, and one that often calls for new estate planning documents.  Now, all married couples should take a look at their wills and trusts, create wills and health care documents that support their marriage and future plans, and ​think about how to structure IRAs and beneficiaries.

The  intestacy laws (what happens if you die without a will) in North Carolina have not been changed yet.  So, it is important that you do set up a will and/or trust to protect your partner and your assets.  See a qualified estate planning attorney for this.

If you are considering how your assets will flow to your children and grandchildren, these same sex marriage related changes can affect distributions.  Visit your estate planning attorney to discuss how the changes affect your will and estate plans.

The Elder Law Attorneys at the our practice can advise you on each of these estate issues.