Strategy Session

Phone Consult and Strategy Session for Elder Law and Aging

Do you have questions about Elder Law?  Or Veterans benefits?

Do you wonder whether you are prepared for life transitions?
Do you have concerns about your parents as they age?  Or, yourself?

We can help!  Come ask your questions, and meet Doug Koenig!

We have two choices for you.  In the complimentary phone-call based strategy session, we will listen to you, help prioritize your needs,  develop a strategy, and give you a quote for work that will lead you to resolution and peace of mind.

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Please remember that this is a limited scope discussion of elder law issues that may or may not be related to your current issues and concerns. This is a 15-minute consult, and you should not expect to receive a solution or resolution to your case. This is because without a written agreement, and a defined scope of work, we cannot offer legal advice. That said, we will try to give you reasonable directions to pursue, and of course, you are always welcome to work with us on a paid-for project, such as the in-person strategy session.

In-Person Strategy Session

If you need more time or help, we are pleased to offer you an in-person strategy session with Doug Koenig at the Law Offices of Douglas E. Koenig, PLLC.

This session is a one-hour meeting to go over specific details of your concerns, to develop an initial plan, or just to answer your questions.  The initial meeting starts with a short phone call interview about your issues (often it is the Complimentary phone call meeting), and then a short email reply form.  With those in place, we can have a very productive meeting.

The fee is a fixed $600 price.  The amount paid usually can be credited toward future work with some conditions.

You can book your in-person Strategy Session here.