Today is the celebration of Veterans Day.  It hasn’t been all that long that this day has been dedicated to honor our nation’s veterans … only since 1954.  It was originally celebrated as Armistice​ Day following WWI and expanded over time to honor veterans from all wars.

My dad was a Naval aviator and officer and often told me stories of his trips, flying submarine hunters, and hair-raising take-offs and landings on carriers.  As a child we visited his ship once, CVS-18 / USS Wasp, and I could imagine the terror I would feel at sea but deeply awed by the heroics of those who would engage in such dangerous service.  I miss my father on these kinds of days and I wish that I could have shared more stories about his service to me and to our nation.  His service is one of the reasons why I serve veterans today in my practice.

When you think about your veteran family members and loved ones today, and all days, remember to thank them for serving, and consider how many stories there are to be heard.  Take time to listen!

​​Thank you, Veterans!  And God bless America!