Our clients come to us for a variety of services and products. Not everything we do is as simple as a “document” because every case really is unique. It takes planning, and listening, and discussion to understand the issues and help plan the best way to address the client’s (or the family’s)needs and wants. For example, not every client canapply to the VA for disability.

For our Veteran benefit clients, proper planning means that we firstreview the three “M’s” –Military,Monetary, andMedical. A good applicantmust meet several qualifying criteria. As forthe first point,failure to have served during certainperiods of warwill invalidate the application.

Then,it isn’t always exactly clear what benefit is needed. Sometimes, the client’sdisabilitymight or might notbe service connected. The “analysis”process includesdetermining what the disability is, how it came about, how it affects the client’s life, and how she or he should be compensated. We review medical records asnecessary and gather the right documents and doctor reports. For many, the disability can’t be linked to service, or proof of in-country service in Vietnam is lacking. In mostcases, we can help sort that out.We also review the client’s medical needs to see aboutqualification for a higher level ofbenefits, such as “Aid & Attendance.”

Finally, whileservice connected disability has nomonetary qualifier, the VA does havesomecriteria for making theirpensiondecisions. They look very closely at the finances and they are in contact with the IRS and Social Security. ObtainingVA Benefits for pension means that the veteran needs help due to low net income. We analyze the finances and can often make specific suggestions that improve the likelihood of asuccessful application.

We believe that a careful analysis is great insurance for your futureapplication, if you decide to go ahead and apply. Some applications have simplemistakes that limit or prevent qualification – these may be avoidable with the help of an experienced attorney. In addition, some clients need to coordinate Medicaid and VA benefits. That is an area that needs careful and dedicated attention.

We perform an analysis of our client’s situation prior to yourdeciding whether to file an application. Whomever you choose to assist you with your VA benefits application should do the same.