Preparing a will or a trust is central to an overall estate plan.  Of course, there are lots of other documents too, but for the moment, what goes into the Will and Trust?  Answers to our questions … based on planning​ and thinking about the future; planning for both while you  are alive and after you die.

We ask a lot of questions.  Some are about you, and others are about your family.  How do you want to be treated?  How do you want to have your family protected?  What would you like to leave them?  Do you have people​ in your life who need special gifts?  O​r, special provisions?

These are hard questions … some have no immediate or easy answer.  We are patient!  It might take a revision or two to get it all the way you want it.  Don’t worry about all the details we ask about and subsequently put into the wills … everything is important.  If you don’t define it now … someone will argue about it later!

A recent example of this is the Robin Williams estate.  You can find a write up about it here and there on the Internet.  The second article is a great argument for the use of trusts in estate planning.  One question that is asked is if a renovation is considered upkeep on the house.  The question is, what doyou want it to mean?  We help define everything so that your family doesn’t have to argue about it after you are not there to help answer the questions.

Whomever you work with should be as detailed as possible.  So, we have to ask a lot of hard questions!​​  You won’t find our questions in an on-line will package.  And, if trusts are right for you even if you do not have an estate like Robin Williams, we are sure to include that planning in your overall estate plan.

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