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Estate Planning

Discover how our intentional and thoughtful approach to estate planning can help protect you and your family.

Your life leaves a legacy … what do you want that to be?

Do you need to protect certain family members?  Or, to provide for generations to come?  Or, to maximize tax benefits, or the effects of your charitable gifting?

Call us today for help with this and more!

Elder Law

Work with a team of dedicated elder law professionals who understand the importance of planning for your future.

Planning for Elders means that the attorney and the firm must understand the unique aspects of aging and transitions, and be prepared to work with fmailies uffering from illness and dementia.

You need the patient and compassionate care provided by our firm.

VA Benefits

Veterans injured in service may be eligible for disability benefits (“compensation”). We can walk with you through the process of application and the award.  If you are denied, we will help you in responding to the denials and eventually to the appeals process.

Even if you were not injured in service, if you served during certain periods of war as defined by the government and if you are medically and/or financially needy, the veteran or the surviving spouse might be eligible for Pension.

Give us a call to see if ether plan is for you!

Comprehensive Planning and Dedicated Attention … Elder Law and Plans you understand

What do you usually get from estate planning and elder law lawyers? A generic binder with 200+ pages of dense words you never read and don’t understand.

What do you DESIRE from your lawyer? A plan you understand. A checklist of what to do when. And, the documents that help you get there.

That is what you get from the Law Offices of Douglas E. Koenig.

The Life Pathways Plan

We call our process the Life Pathways Plan. It is the right plan, at the right time, using the right documents. It is peace of mind.

How do we get there? Planning and Attention.

Planning that works with you.
The staff and attorneys at The Law Offices of Douglas E. Koenig, PLLC want to help you and your families.  We believe that we best help you through our comprehensive planning, counseling, and analysis.  Only after we have a plan for you can we develop the right documents to support your plan.

This is our approach… The right plan, at the right time, using the right documents.

Attention on you and your family.
Dedication to you. After all, you and the issues you face are important to us.
In fact, you are why we exist, and why we come to work each day.
You need to be able to call us if you have questions, fears, or concerns.
You need to have someone address your fears.
You need our staff and our partners, and you need Doug Koenig.

Extra care and support for Veterans.
Life Pathways Plans for Veterans are complex, and we take care to do them right.
The law office attorneys are VA accredited and we are members of important organizations with national influence. We thank our Veterans and appreciate the service and the sacrifices they and their families have made. We work to secure the benefits you deserve.

When you want true peace of mind and the right plan working for you … you need the Law Offices of Douglas E. Koenig.

Communication and Trust

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest possible quality legal representation at an agreeable and reasonable cost. We strive to fulfill this commitment to ensure our clients future success and building lasting relationships founded on clear communication and mutual trust.

Clear and Direct Communication

We believe that every successful attorney-client relationship is dependent on honest, clear and responsive communication. We strive to meet our clients’ needs by consistent and regular communication as well as anticipating their legal needs.

Exceptional Representation

Our goal is to offer and provide exceptional legal counsel to clients. In an effort to ensure that we respond to our client’s legal needs, we have attorneys to only service specific industries and fields of law. By offering industry specific lawyers and legal teams, we can ensure that our clients’ most complicated legal needs are met with a sophisticated and responsive strategy.

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