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Finding and hiring the right attorney for your legal needs shouldn’t be complicated or overwhelming. The Law Offices of Douglas E. Koenig, PLLC has years of experience providing answers and solutions to our clients most complicated legal needs. Our experience and tireless work ensures that our clients’ needs are met at every stage of their case, regardless of the challenges that may be presented.

It is our pleasure to be able to spend the time our clients need to understand the complexity of their individual situation to ensure that we can develop and execute a legal strategy that is best suited for them. Based in Durham, North Carolina, we represent individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs through the State of North Carolina with their planning needs. To learn more about our firm and its services, please select a practice area below.

Our recent decision to work closely with Pierce Law Group provides us exceptional opportunities to broaden our support for clients.  While Doug worked mostly in the areas of Elder Law, Estate Plannning, and VA benefits, we can now refer our clients within the same firm for personal injury, fiduciary litigation, guardianships, business formation and litigation, and more.  Give us a call with any legal problem you might have … we are your long-term family lawyer.

Wills and Trusts

When you are facing a major life crisis is not the time to realize that you don’t know who will get your money, your estate, your precious coin collection … or who will take care of your special needs child … or where you will live.

What do you do?

Call us to plan, or if you need immediate help.

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Powers of Attorney

Powers of attorney are CRITICAL elements of your estate plan… these include the Financial Power of Attorney and the Medical Power of Attorney.  In general, Powers of Attorney will give an “agent” the right to assist you with decision-making.  You can usually have the right to revoke the POA if you are still competent to do so.   Call us for more details!   –Read More–

Medicaid Crisis

Medicaid Crisis happens quickly. Sometimes it happens like this … a client has a spouse in rehab after a medical emergency. Once the rehabilitation benefits under Medicare have reached 100 days, her care will no longer be covered. What then? The patient is then required to pay privately for their own care. This can cost between $8,000 and $12,000 per month.

Are you ready for that kind of expense?

Call us if you’d like direction.  Don’t just transfer the home to the kids.  Don’t just add your daughter to the bank account.  Each choice has consequences.  Sometimes making decisions on your own, or with the help of “internet experts”, can cause more long-term financial damage than we can fix.  Call us today.

Note: We do not prepare or file the actual application.  If you need this assistance, please give us a call for a referral or for guidance as to what to do next.

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VA Benefits

Are you or a loved one a veteran? Some vets and families can qualify for a variety of benefits provided by the Veterans Administration (VA).  These benefits range from monthly Pension for people with financial hardship, to Service Connected Disabiity for veterans who were injured during service.  The award is not guaranteed, and is more complex than what this web page covers, but many veterans do not know what they are qualified for.

Do you know?  Call us to find out!

Note: We assist with initial applications and work with you on appeals for service connected disability applications.  If you have been denied an SCD award, or think you should have a higher rating, please FAX your denial letter to our secure FAX and then give us a call to discuss the next steps.  We do not take all cases, and for many veterans, a little guidance as to what is wrong can resolve things quickly.  This work is on “contingency” which means that there is little to no up-front cost, and the VA pays us out of any back-awards (with your permission, of course).

Note: We do not file for Pension benefits, but we do offer basic consultations and referrals for that.

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Guardianship is a legal relationship under which a person or agency (the “guardian”) is appointed by a court to make decisions and act on behalf of another person (the “ward”).

We help families navigate the process of deciding when a guardianship is the right choice, or if there may be less intrusive and expensive steps.  For example, a power of attorney may be in place that can be an alternative.

We advise that all families have powers of attorney for everyone.  Both Medical and Financial are important.  The small cost of setting this up in advance will be a huge benefit when it is needed.

But, for those cases in which a guardianship is required, we can assist or refer you to competent attorneys in that process.  Similarly, if you want to challenge a guardianship, or change one, we may be able to help.  What we cannot assist with, we refer to trusted partners and peers.

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Special Needs Trusts

A special needs trust (SNT), is sometimes also known as a supplemental needs trust. It is a special type of irrevocable trust used when a disabled person needs assets protected for their use above and beyond benefits provided by federal or state benefit plans.

These trusts can be formed at different times of life, and for differnt kinds of issues and concerns.  Call us today to learn more about what the SNT can do for you and for your family.

Note: We do not create stand-alone special needs trusts in most cases due to excessive regulations from Social Security.  For that, we determine your needs, and refer you to lawyers with that particular scope of work.  We do build testamentary SNT provisions in most of our estate plans.  We will take proper care of you and your family, however the plans end up structured…that is why we consider our work to be “planning-focused” and not just about “documents”.

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